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What to say about The Partiallyunmixed Totallyunmastered Getoutofdebt Stayoutofjail Getagoodjob Liveagreatlife Album & UnUnreleased... Well, it's partially unmixed for one, completely unmastered... you get the drift I'm guessing. The story here is that ol' Patrick Leslie (aka PJ aka Pajamas aka Mr. Sunshine aka Mayan Fart aka Wooldog Prime) got hisself into a big ol' jam with the law - nothin' shady just a rather expensive "ooops, was that court date a month ago?" type situation, which resulted in the suspension of his drivers license... go figure. HOWEVER, it just so happens that around this here time, your friend and my alter-ego also lost the very last of his identification devices, which left him completely off the grid and technically unable to prove his own existence - a case of 'be careful what you wish fer'... FURTHERMORE he is now completely out of dough and unable to pay for the grand fines (no pun) placed upon his shoulders by the sympathetic courts which bar him from regaining not only his license to drive his motor vehicle , but also his social security card, which he must have in order to snatch a golden job opportunity and continue to support his darling flock of wooldogs. FURTHER FURTHERMORE, if Mr. Sunshine doesn't pay said fines to said courts, said courts may issue a warrant for the arrest of Wooldog Prime, which would steal him from his flock for a minimum of 45 days and nights, as well as PERMANENTLY shutting the door on his golden opportunity.
Story told, I've been doing what most musicians do when the shnizz hits the fan; I've been trying to pawn and sell instruments. Word got out that I was selling my favorite bass guitar to cover a chunk of the expenses and, instead of buying the damm'd guitar, my wonderful friends started threatening to chuck large amounts of money at me in a most charitable fashion, which broke my woolen heart in such a way that I couldn't accept the much needed assistance without giving something up. Having no amount of identical material things to give all ya'lls wonderful people, I have decided instead to give up a bit of character - namely, my dignity.
On this album you will hear mostly tracks meant to be locked in a vault away from all ears but my own, on occasion. You will hear a slew of single take, pitch-less, unfinished, rocky tunes recorded mainly as 'scratch' tracks over the years, as well as a few I finished or recorded entirely in the last few days just for ya'll. You will hear a strange variety of genres ranging from lo-fi slow punk to blues to soul, a lot of acoustic singy-songwritey shtuff... perhaps even a bit of country. From 2006 to the present you will hear the growth of my voice and playing skills from "awful" to "sub-par" to "nearly acceptable but come on man!" and my attempts to play an assortment of instruments from drums and hand percussion to ukeleles to violins to synthesizers and all the standards in between. You may even hear a briefcase and a frying pan if you listen closely. I hope you enjoy laughing at, cringing at, wincing and even moaning in despair at my attempts to make music without awesome musicians at my front and side (though there are indeed some famous cameos from back-in-the-day) but most of all, I hope you remember the times we spent together dancing through the night, sweating like an eskimo in the Sahara, drinking and laughing till the sun rose over whatever festival, field, or friends backyard we found ourselves occupying.
Feel free to dump the tracks you can't stand, rearrange the order in a way you enjoy, and share freely with your friends. These tracks are very special to me, not because they are good, but because stumbling upon, sorting through, and revisiting these tunes was a trip through memory lane full of faces and places I love, and because I still don't have the courage to show most of them to anybody...

Thank you all so much for supporting not just my musical adventure but my adventures in life. I promise some day I'll give you an album really worth listening to.


released September 22, 2012

Credit to Whom credit is always due.



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The Shepherd's Club North Carolina

Welcome to The Shepherd's Club! As an honorary wooldog, you are now entitled to eat as much salad as you can personally afford, stare quizzically at any moving thing in your general area, and baaaa loudly as you prance and spring through flower filled pastures and woodland clearings. You may also purchase this very makeshift and amateur album to help wooldog-prime (me) get my shnizz together!! ... more

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